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Ananya Mehul Jain (Grade 12 Poise)

In the past few months, Ananya Mehul Jain of DP Class of 2021 had been collaborating with artist Bhairavi Modi to bring greater awareness of Dang District’s culture to Surat. She has done this through a website & blog: Recently, she has also introduced the concept of homestays to the Dangi community with the aim of financially empowering them while encouraging ethical tourism. To do this, they have collaborated with a Gramshilpi from a Dangi village, and they help bridge the gap between the Dangi people and enquiring tourists. All of the money directly goes to the homestay owners, and other Dangi people involved. This is a 100% non-profit initiative from their side. Ananya and her team hopes to reach a wider audience so that the Dangi people reap greater benefits, especially when most of them face extreme economic turmoil due to COVID-19.

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