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Fear the Fear

Hayaa Dhola – Grade 11 Versatility

Artistic intention: Working on her first emotion (fear), the artist states, “The reason I chose fear is because it is an emotion that I have experienced a lot recently.” Since childhood, I’ve dreaded the future or the “unknown,” and we all hate to fail because it would disappoint others—simply it’s become our culture. Our parents have so many expectations from us that we are sometimes afraid to try because we are afraid of failing. The fear of not living up to my parents’ expectations is the most terrifying aspect of my life.

I want to utilise visual art to communicate my emotions and to transfer my fear (a bad emotion) to the painting with a positive goal, as indicated above. Painting has always comforted me, and I want my painting to comfort but also unsettle the audience. I want to reflect on the same and incorporate that emotion into my product.

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