SHYNA – Artwork!

Shyna Shah - Grade 10

Shyna is enthusiastic student. She has created some 5-6 art-pieces as a part of her personal project goal. She worked very hard & completed the project on time. She sold all the products on her Instagram page & earned 7000+ rupees. The journey doesn’t stop here, she donated all the amount to Shakti Foundation who works for counselling teenagers the teenagers going Mental Health illness.

Instagram Handle

Priyal Vashi – Research Paper

Priyal Vashi (Grade 10 - Epitome)

Research Paper : A need of sustainable sewage treatment reuse method to support the UN’s SD 6th goal

Priyal is a very decent & kind learner. She is a nature enthusiast. She studied some news about sewage waste & necessity of treating the water in urban area. She was keen to know more about sewage system, treatment & connection of this with SDG – 6th Goal. So, she made her mind to go ahead with the same topic for her Personal Project. Priyal did some ground level research (visited SMC sewage treatment plant – Bamroli, met some experts & nature enthusiasts. She did secondary research as well to understand the mechanical process in depth, she used some web-sources like Britannica, IIR – Indian Infrastructural research. She made a research paper on this as her final product of personal project. (Attached below)

The Economics Gazette

DP Economics Club (G12 Eco Club students, Malhar Trivedi and Shezin Siganporia)

The Economics Gazette is a newsletter from Fountainhead’s Economics club members, this newsletter includes articles related to the different economic fields like the evolution of economic thinking and the stock market crash of 1929 (Global Depression), and the understanding of consumer surplus as well as behaviour from the student perspective. Students have tried to cover multiple topics to give some insight even to readers who are a bit naive in the field of economics.