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Priyal Vashi – Research Paper

Done in Grade 10 (2020-21)

Research Paper : A need of sustainable sewage treatment reuse method to support the UN’s SD 6th goal

Priyal is a very decent & kind learner. She is a nature enthusiast. She studied some news about sewage waste & necessity of treating the water in urban area. She was keen to know more about sewage system, treatment & connection of this with SDG – 6th Goal. So, she made her mind to go ahead with the same topic for her Personal Project. Priyal did some ground level research (visited SMC sewage treatment plant – Bamroli, met some experts & nature enthusiasts. She did secondary research as well to understand the mechanical process in depth, she used some web-sources like Britannica, IIR – Indian Infrastructural research. She made a research paper on this as her final product of personal project. (Attached below)

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