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Writer’s Corner

The Writer's Corner

Hindi Magazine फुलवारी

This magazine is a collection of Grade 7 to 10th Hindi students selected written work like poem, story, article etc. to encourage students Hindi writing skills. They can read the selected samples in magazine and teachers can motivate them to write their thoughts using different Hindi format.

Branches of a Bonsai:
A collection of poems

This book is a collection of poems,
Like the branches of a Bonsai tree.
Verses explaining concepts,
Like Nature, Honesty, and Money.

The Scientific Indian Culture​

This page explains to you the science behind Indian common traditions and rituals. Often when it comes to traditions people say ¨Don’t ask why!¨ but in order to improve our health, improve our lifestyle, preserve as well as carry forward our culture and traditions, it is important to ask why. The great Indian heritage is dying day by day with the eve of westernization, it is important to understand and preserve them.


A write up about instagram being fake… 


फुलवारी: Stories by students of Grade 9

Collection of stories created by Grade 9 students

Stuck Up

This book was set in the beautiful hills of Mussorrie, where the Author studied. The whole novel is inspired by her adventures in her school with her friends with an added romance. This is her first book which is a part of a sequel. This story is about two teens who fall for each other going into something they have no idea about. They are are faced with herdles every step of the way. Riya and Raynak a match made in heaven or hell?