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Durations Of My Life

Project by Arjun Agarwal (Grade 10 2020-21) Arjun’s final artwork is represented by the emotion of “Serenity”. The artist states “We live in a different

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Fear the Fear

Hayaa Dhola – Grade 11 Versatility Artistic intention: Working on her first emotion (fear), the artist states, “The reason I chose fear is because it

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Riya – Photography!

Riya Mendpara (G10 – Embodiment ) “A photograph is a pause button of LIFE!” Riya is passionate learner. She is a nature lover. Since childhood

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Dang Culture

Ananya Mehul Jain (Grade 12 Poise) In the past few months, Ananya Mehul Jain of DP Class of 2021 had been collaborating with artist Bhairavi

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